The City of Muskogee Foundation's mission is to make Make a Real Difference in Muskogee through grants to nonprofit organizations, churches, schools and the City of Muskogee. 

The City of of Muskogee Foundation has two grant cycles, or "grant processes." A regular grant process open to all organizations; and a Summer Grant process only open to programs or projects that operate primarily during the summer months.

The City of Muskogee Foundation has four primary focus areas for grants. Click on each area below, to see the committee's Mission Statement and Funding Priorities.

Grant committees from each focus area have established unique missions as well as general and specific types of funding. However, funding priority for all focus areas will be given to organizations serving the citizens of Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The grant application procedure is a two-step online process starting with a letter of inquiry. While there is no limit on the amount requested, the request should remain within the spending policy set each December by the Board of Directors.

The grant application also requires the completion of a budget template.  All applying organizations must submit a budget for the program/project in this format in addition to their online grant application.