One Team, One Vision, One Community

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One Team, One Vision, One Community is a comprehensive grant to Muskogee Public Schools that provides for academics, character education, and counseling. The grant funds our New Tech, STEM, AVID, Character Education, PSAT/NMSQT Assessment, Concurrent Enrollment and Roughers Regimented Program.

Muskogee Public Schools is proud of the accomplishments this grant affords its students and staff. We have been able to offer our students a high level of programming that would otherwise not be possible.

Our New Tech Program at Alice Robertson Junior High has allowed students to challenge themselves and learn to collaborate with peers. This research-based program prepares students for post-secondary success and builds life-long learners. We are proud of this program and excited to be expanding it to Cherokee Elementary within the next school year. Teacher professional development is a key aspect to implementing this programming with fidelity. Each year our educators participate in leadership-oriented clinics that allow them to provide their students with the highest quality instruction possible.
Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programming continues to grow across the district. PreK – 12th grade students participate in everything from robotics, Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Gateway to Technology, Bio-medical and Engineering to SEED Labs and Greenhouse projects. Ben Franklin Science Academy offers PLTW Launch curriculum to robotics clubs to garden clubs that inspire student engagement and fosters motivation.
Our Character Education District Committee is continuously working to bring since of cohesion and understanding to our sites. Many of our schools participate in Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) and we continue to expand this program across the district. For example, our high school is excited to come on board and provide their students with the necessary critical thinking, teamwork, organizational and reading skills they will need for future success.
All of our 10th grade students and 62 of our 11th grade students participated in the PSAT College Board Assessment this past year. While this is a state mandated exam, our students benefit from the possibility of becoming a National Merit Scholar, increasing SAT scores and building confidence in test taking abilities.
Concurrent Enrollment program increases every year. This grant affords our students who would otherwise not be able or have the confidence to earn college credits. Most high schools across the state offer these programs, but it is especially important in Muskogee. Our school district is on a mission to prevent student dropout, raise the standards for all students, and above all expand student opportunities and achievement. This programming has given students the confidence to be the first students in their families to graduate from high school and possibly college.
Roughers Regimented Boot Camp provides an education and structure to students that others have given up on. We commend the City of Muskogee Foundation for the continued support of a program that saves children’s lives. Whether students are obtaining first time credit, credit recovery or remediation they are finding success in themselves!
Our story is that we have just under 6,000 student in our district to educate in a very short amount of time. Having a high at-risk number of children means that we have to try everything, pull out every stop and engage every student, every day. Your grant continues to make this possible.