2018 Scholarship Recipients

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The City of Muskogee Foundation grants twelve scholarships each year to graduating seniors from Muskogee and Hilldale High School who plan to attend a four-year college or University in Oklahoma. The Excellence scholarship consists of six scholarships awarded annually for three years beginning with the student’s sophomore year. Students will successfully complete 30 hours and maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA to receive their first payment. Two alternatives will be eligible for the first two semesters of the award in the event a recipient fails to qualify. The Legacy scholarship consists of six scholarships awarded annually for four years beginning in the student’s freshman year. The student is required to maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and enrolled full-time.

The twelve recipients for 2018 with their respective College and majors listed are:
1. Avi Patel, Oklahoma State University, Business; Pharmacy
2. Raelynn Smith, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Pharmacy
3. Emily Porras, University of Oklahoma, Nursing
4. Macy Smith, University of Central Oklahoma, Nutrition
5. Madison Eckerson, University of Central Oklahoma, Fine Arts- Drama/Theater
6. Meagan Henningsen, University of Tulsa, Sociology, International Relations
7. Leslie Garza, Oklahoma State University, Natural Sciences
8. Chandler Engelbrecht, University of Oklahoma, Communication; Journalism
9. Ana Paige, University of Central Oklahoma, Biology
10. Brooklyn Lakey, University of Central Oklahoma, Public/Community Health
11. James Harper, University of Oklahoma, Engineering
12. Kristin Grandstaff, Oklahoma Baptist University, Computer Science