Gospel Rescue Mission

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Jack Murr has been on staff with the mission for 22 years loves our guests consistently. He has a quiet way of connecting with our men, women and children, encouraging them to keep trying and never give up.
Four years ago, Rodney and his wife were arrested and convicted of charges as a result of manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in a nearby town. Their children were taken from them and they lost all their belongings. Rodney agreed to enter the Muskogee County Drug Court program, and after some jail time Rodney came to Gospel Rescue Mission. That is when Rodney met Jack.
There was something unique about Rodney that Jack couldn’t quite put his finger on, but he saw potential for his life. Jack began to encourage Rodney in his steady, earnest way, growing a personal connection over time, showing confidence in Rodney that he hadn’t felt in himself in quite a while. Eventually Jack introduced Rodney to a local pastor who mentored him personally.
Today Rodney and his wife are back together, clean and sober and the family is totally restored. Now they direct two Celebrate Recovery programs in Muskogee, helping others to face their addictions through the power and presence of God. Rodney is now a Sunday School teacher in his church and a leader in his own home. He is a daddy to his kids and a dedicated Okie. We are greatly encouraged by their success in recovery. We know that recovery from addiction takes great personal investment in the one suffering from addiction and those that love them.