The “Bridges Kid”

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Chris Jones is a “Bridges kid” who saved his money to buy a car after graduation. He received a Choir scholarship to go to college in Mississippi, but his car got stolen right in front of him last week! A fake tow truck stole his car! His friends raised money on FB to help him get a car before he … Read More

Breaking Down the Walls

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One of the best stories we have this year is the success of our program at Muskogee High School. Our students were impacted greatly by the Breaking Down the Walls program. This program begins with a school wide assembly by one of the countries top motivational speakers. The assembly focuses on school climate and creating a community of care, setting … Read More

Neighbors Building Neighborhoods

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Through her membership and work with the National Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that all children have access to quality and affordable afterschool programs, Laura Hazen initiated the Dream Team Youth Programs participation in the Lights on Afterschool annual nationwide event. The NAA organizes the Lights on Afterschool event to underscore the need to invest in afterschool … Read More

Dream Team Youth

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Students avoiding responsibility and homework come as no surprise to the teachers in our program. Many try to wiggle out of getting homework done any way they can. However, one student marched right up and told us what he was looking for in our program. John (name changed) was a third grade student who had been in special education classes … Read More

HIlldale- Project Based Science

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Ultimately our goal for this program was to increase the interest and curiosity of students in the area of science. It was amazing the level of involvement we saw as student worked in groups and interacted with programs through their Chromebooks. Our teachers discovered very quickly that with the use of technology our students’ attention was increased and the motivation … Read More

Muskogee STEAM Center

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We have been on a sharp learning curve with this planning grant, but have had our most successful year yet. We have served over 1,500 students this year through our activities, some based on exploration of the various economies and possible structuring options available in Muskogee through our feasibility study. We personally have learned so much about running a science … Read More

Community Intervention Center

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P.N. is a 13-year-old Caucasian male that was brought to C.I.C five different times within a month. He was brought in from school a couple of times for disorderly conduct, twice for resisting arrest, and the last time for burglary in the third degree. P.N. was one of those juveniles that would get brought in then immediately start talking about … Read More

Adult & Juvenile Community Service

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The story today is about a gentleman who has been in trouble with the law for a very long time. Some of his charges date back over 15 years. About a year ago, he had been “running” and “hiding” to get away from the law, evading active warrants for his arrest, and could no longer do that. He turned himself … Read More

CASA For Children

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As Amy* sat on the couch, preparing herself for her final court date, she couldn’t help but think about how far she had come. Had it really only been two years since DHS came into her life and removed her daughter, Keely, from her home? To Amy, it felt like forever. Amy had been involved with drugs for quite sometime … Read More

Girl Scouts- Community Development

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Story 1: Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma’s Community Development program is adroit at ensuring each girl forms positive identities and learns how to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Onikah started her Girl Scout experience this past year as a Daisy (K-1st) at Cherokee Elementary. As a Daisy, Onikah was quiet and hesitant to forge relationships with not only her troop … Read More