CASA for Children

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Ashley* is now a vibrant 16 year old but that’s not how this story started. You see Ashley is like many who do not have the parental care needed to thrive in this world. The state stepped in fall of last year because the mother had kicked Ashley out and admitted she could not take care of her. After living … Read More

Gospel Rescue Mission

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Jack Murr has been on staff with the mission for 22 years loves our guests consistently. He has a quiet way of connecting with our men, women and children, encouraging them to keep trying and never give up. Four years ago, Rodney and his wife were arrested and convicted of charges as a result of manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in … Read More

Kelly B. Todd

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KT is nearly 3 years old. He had serious problems when he was born, requiring months of hospitalization and intense medical interventions. He currently has significant global delays in fine and gross motor skills, speech, and cognition. In addition, he has had a real struggle with food intake. Though he doesn’t consistently roll over from tummy or back, and doesn’t … Read More

Muskogee Alumni Band

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At the Christmas concert in December, the 1,000 seat auditorium was filled to standing room only. This has not happened for a concert in the past 20 years. This was a direct result of the support received from the City of Muskogee Foundation to help students participate in the band program. Without this support, as many as 40% of band … Read More