CASA For Children

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As Amy* sat on the couch, preparing herself for her final court date, she couldn’t help but think about how far she had come. Had it really only been two years since DHS came into her life and removed her daughter, Keely, from her home? To Amy, it felt like forever. Amy had been involved with drugs for quite sometime before the Department of Human Services entered her life and intervened on behalf of her daughter. Just one year later Amy gave birth to another child, Jaden, who was also taken into DHS custody and placed with his sister in foster care. Amy was in a tough situation. With her substance abuse and criminal history, she would need to do a lot of work to bring her children home again. When Amy first met her CASA volunteer, Suzie, she felt like all hope was lost. Not sure if she would ever regain custody of her children and with no idea of where to start, Amy needed someone to help bridge the gap between darkness and light. Suzie stepped in and provided love, guidance, and support. Sure, Amy had made some mistakes, but Suzie knew that with a little guidance and a lot of grace she could recover from the ravages of her addiction and be a mother to her children once again. Suzie gave Amy something she hadn’t had in a long time. She gave her hope! Amy worked hard on her plan. Overcoming any obstacle and finding faith in places where she least expected to. She hit some bumps along the way, but with Suzie’s help and encouragement, Amy kept pushing on. She completed rehab, moved into a sober living facility, received her GED, successfully completed school to get her groomer’s license, found a job, bought a car, and obtained her driver’s license. Keely and Jaden are now back home with Amy and the family is once again whole. Amy and the kids are doing great and are looking forward to the future. Ready to leave their tattered past behind them.