Financial Tuition Assistance

Courtney WaggleUncategorized

The Dream Team After School Program has proven to be a vital program for many of Muskogee’s families. One such family is that of a single mother of two adopted sons who attend the program. The boys, in fifth grade and in kindergarten, both have special needs due to being born to an addict. They struggle with socialization, completing homework, following set instructions, and sensory issues. By providing a safe space with trained teachers and staff, the after school program offers both boys a place to thrive in an environment of learning and growth that fits their needs. In recent months, their mother has struggled to keep her job as she has suffered from medical issues. Throughout this hardship, she has expressed multiple times that without the Dream Team After School Program, she is unsure if the boys would be doing as well as they are in their respective grades at school. She has stated that the extra help during the after school program is imperative to the boys’ academic success, and that they have come a long way both in their studies and social skills since attending the program. She has noticed a difference in their behavior when interacting with other students as well. In the spirit of the City of Muskogee Foundation’s charitable nature, this mother was able to be on the tuition assistance plan, helping to alleviate the cost of attendance for her sons. The time the boys spend after school at the program getting the academic help they need relieves a major burden for their mother and therefore lightening the load for their family as a whole.