Education & Empowerment

Jerri Stoutermire, Education & Empowerment Committee Chair


The mission of the Education & Empowerment Grants Committee is to enhance foundational learning in our community by funding educational experiences that are responsive to changing community needs and maximize the learning potential of every resident from pre-K through career, preparing them to succeed in the 21st century.

Types of Funding

Consideration will be given for multiple types of funding designed to meet the priority considerations of this committee.

Specific Funding

Priority consideration for the next five years will be given to 6th-8th grade programs that encourage personal and leadership development skills that lead to high school success and graduation, as well as school programs that encourage the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Priority consideration will also be given to programs that support parental involvement in early childhood education.

Future Funding

Funding in future years will be contingent upon measured outcomes as evidenced in the evaluation report. All multi-year grants will be contingent upon measured outcomes that meet or exceed expectations.

Budget Forms & Instructions

  • 2021 Grant- Budget Form

    (due with Grant Application 4/21/2021)
    View Form

  • 2021 Grant - Budget Instructions

    View Form

  • 2021 Summer Grant- Budget Form

    (due with Grant Application 11/27/2020)
    View Form

  • 2021 Summer Grant - Budget Instructions

    View Form

Grant Calendar

Deadlines for 2021
Summer Program Grants

Program or project must occur primarily during the summer months to qualify for the Summer Grant Process.

– Letter of Inquiry available July 1, 2020
– Letter of Inquiry due September 18, 2020
– Application (requires Foundation invitation) due November 27, 2020
– Grant decisions – March 22, 2021 City of Muskogee Foundation Board Meeting
– Grant funds distributed – April 2021 (pending Grant Agreement)
– Final Reports due September 24, 2021

Deadlines for the 2021
Grant Cycle

– Letter of Inquiry available January 1, 2021
– Letter of Inquiry due February 11, 2021
– Application (requires Foundation invitation) due April 21, 2021
– Grant decisions – June 21, 2021 City of Muskogee Foundation Board meeting.
– Grant funds distributed – July 2021 – June 2022 (pending Grant Agreement).
– Interim Reports due January 31, 2022
– Final Reports due August 31, 2022

Step 1 – Letter of Inquiry

The entire grant process will be coordinated electronically beginning with the Letter of Inquiry (LOI). The LOI gathers basic information about the applicant, a short description of the purpose of the program or project, and amount requested. This part of the application should be compelling enough to capture the attention of the grant committee while being brief and clear. If accepted by the grants committees, the applicant will be notified via e-mail with a link to access the full grant application.

Step 2 – Grant application

Following the approval of the letter of inquiry, the applicant will be sent a link via e-mail to access the grant application for their designated focus area (economic development, education and empowerment, health and wellness, quality of life). The formal application process is also coordinated electronically allowing the applicant to complete the actual application and attach all required documents.

Please contact the City of Muskogee Foundation at 918-577-6562 with any questions regarding the letter of inquiry and application or if you have questions about the electronic process.

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