Neighbors Building Neighborhoods Program Manager

Courtney WaggleUncategorized

For programs to effectively meet needs in the community, there must be structure and coordination of staff and resources as well as a process for program review and outcome evaluation. When program staff are immersed in the day to day operations of each program, it can be difficult to manage these macro-level priorities. Thus, NBN (Neighbors Building Neighborhoods) employs a dedicated program manager to work with each program director and ensure that effective structures and processes are in place to achieve desired outcomes.

This summer, the addition of the transportation between morning programs and Community Treasures allowed for several children to attend the camp who wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. This was a tremendous relief for working parents such a Keli Miles who stated, “This (the bus) was the only was the only that her son Tristan could attend both Rougher Pride and Community Treasures due to her work schedule.” Keli was appreciative of the transportation component and stated that she was “Grateful that her son was able to stay busy, active, and cared for during the out of school time in the summer months.” (Keli’s son rode both the morning bus to Rougher Pride and the midday bus to Community Treasures.)