SAC Nutrition Muskogee Meals on the Go

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The SAC Nutrition Muskogee Meals On the Go program, (MMOG), purpose is to deliver home delivered meals (HDMs) to program eligible consumers in Muskogee. HDMs are delivered within one hour after preparation 5 days per week by drivers trained in food safety and handling in safe containers. All meals served meet 1/3 of the RDA. For emergencies, 1-3 days of shelf-stable meals are delivered. For any unsuccessful meal delivery recorded, staff do a follow up check on safety of residents.

We have a 66 year old African American female that was hit by a train and lost both legs and one arm as a result of her accident. She lives alone at the Royal Inn Motel on Shawnee Bypass in Muskogee. The SAC Nutrition MMOG program provides her with a hot nutritious meal at noon. It is the only nutritious meal she gets and the meal allows her to make it through the month with her limited income. Additionally, she does not have all the facilities available at the Motel to cook meals. The SAC Nutrition staff are her only support system available to her now as she lost her daughter six months after her release from the hospital. Attached is her letter telling her story with photo.

My name is Jessie Spencer. I am a 66 year old African American female. In 2002 I was hit by a train and lost both legs and one arm. I have a motorized wheelchair that I get around in. I am very independent and live alone. I lost my main support, my daughter, Trina Spencer in 2003, six months after my release from the hospital.

I live in the Royal Inn, a motel on Shawnee By-Pass. I have a small refrigerator and a small microwave so I am so happy to get a hot meal at noon. I would not get my vegetables or a nutritious meal without Muskogee Meals on the Go. I run out of money because I draw $750 and my rent is $650 a month.
The meal helps me make it through the month. My favorite meal is roast beef, chicken strips, meatloaf and fruit pie. I just love it all.

I love the Muskogee Meals on the Go program. I don’t know what I would do without it. The staff treats me so good. I got my meals from the Douglass Center and it is always hot and ready to eat.