Trauma Focused Therapy Services

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Kids’ Space Child Advocacy Center

When Britney was 15, she disclosed to her dad Billy that her uncle had been abusing her since before she could remember. She disclosed that he would kiss her, touch her, and make her touch him. She came to Kids’ Space for a forensic interview where she was able to talk about her entire experience. The Family Advocate met with Billy while Britney was in her interview. Billy was emotional during his meeting with the advocate not only because of what his daughter has gone through, but also because his wife and Britney’s mom had recently passed away. The advocate gave Billy information on trauma therapy and offered referrals for both he and his daughter. Billy was interested in getting Britney into therapy, but wanted to leave the decision up to her since she was 15. After Britney was finished with her forensic interview, the Family Advocate then met with her to discuss therapy and how it could benefit her. Britney appeared excited about having someone to talk to and help her work through her trauma and accepted the therapy referral. Our intern conducted a trauma assessment tool with Britney to send with the therapy referral. Her high score from the trauma assessment indicated that she had probable PTSD. Britney also reported previous suicidal ideation and attempts, and a history of cutting to cope with both her grief and with the abuse she had endured.

Britney has since attended twelve Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions and her latest trauma assessment score indicated that she has moderate trauma-related distress and was below the score indicating PTSD. She reported at her latest session that she no longer has suicidal ideation or the desire to cut herself to “feel something”.
Britney has also joined a Teen Support Group at Kids’ Space for teenage victims of sexual abuse and assault. She is an active participant who regularly attends the group and has helped and received help from other participants to recognize specific aspects of their victimization, such as their process of disclosure, grooming, and how they and others view victims of sexual violence. Britney also reported during Teen Support Group that since her abuse began when she was so young, she did not realize it wasn’t okay until she was taught body safety when the Play It Safe program was presented at her school. Britney’s case is yet another example of how each Kid Space program works together to help children find safety and healing.