Volunteers of America

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Carl and Jean were moving to Oklahoma from Kansas when their U-Haul broke down in Muskogee. They were looking for a community with low-income housing. The couple are in their 60’s and both are receiving Social Security income due to disability. They had mismanaged their money and were unable to secure quality affordable housing in Kansas. After the truck broke down, Carl and Jean were homeless and all their belongings were in the truck. A community partner referred the couple to VOAOK for Payee Services. Once enrolled, Payee Services helped the couple find temporary housing in a motel. The Payee Services coordinator worked to create a budget and assisted the couple in paying their bills. After a few months, the couple moved into a regular apartment and they now manage their money more effectively and manage to pay weekly expenses. They established a savings account and recently bought a used car. Payee Services provided the support they needed to pay off debt and to learn to live within their means.