Planning Grant

General Guidelines

To be eligible for Capital and Construction Grants from the City of Muskogee Foundation (CoMF), applicants are required to have completed appropriate organizational, financial and facilities planning. Recognizing that specific and specialized planning may be beyond the financial capacity of some organizations, CoMF accepts applications for Planning Grants to community-based, nonprofit, governmental and educational organizations in Muskogee, OK. Applications for Capital Campaign or Construction grants will not be accepted by CoMF until the Board of Directors has approved all plans and supporting documentation.

To be considered for a CoMF Planning Grant qualified organizations must have achieved exceptional community impact and have a demonstrated need. Organizations that have the experience and resources to conduct appropriate planning activities for a capital project without CoMF assistance are welcome to submit those plans to the CoMF Board of Directors for approval prior to applying for a Capital / Construction Grant. All plans must contain the CoMF Planning Grant components and requirements.


a) To qualify for a Planning Grant the organization must be preparing a capital project with the City of Muskogee city limits. Projects consisting of only maintenance and repairs of existing capital or land are not considered as “capital projects” by the City of Muskogee Foundation for the purposes of the Planning Grant process.

b) New projects, as well as remodel and redesign of existing facilities / projects, are eligible.

c) The applicant organization must be a nonprofit organization, educational institution or governmental agency.

d) The applicant must demonstrate a successful record of programmatic, financial and administrative achievement.

How to Apply

a) Eligible organizations may apply for a Planning Grant by completing a Planning Grant Application.  The application is available by accessing your online account by clicking the “Apply for a Grant” button in the upper right. For complete guidelines on eligibility and required final plans for those wishing to apply for a Capital Campaign / Construction Grant please click here.

Applications are due February 15, 2018 and the Board of Directors will meet June 25, 2018 for a final decision.

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