Adult & Juvenile Community Service

Courtney WaggleUncategorized

The story today is about a gentleman who has been in trouble with the law for a very long time. Some of his charges date back over 15 years. About a year ago, he had been “running” and “hiding” to get away from the law, evading active warrants for his arrest, and could no longer do that. He turned himself in to the Court, and began on a path to improve his life.This individual has been working community service for over a year. In 2017 warrants were issued by both District Court and Municipal Court for failure to pay. The total due in fines was over $2,000 to Municipal Court, and his District Court fines and fees totaled over $20,000. This gentleman has been unemployed and unable to pay his fines for quite some time. Because of his work in the community service program, he has paid off all of his Municipal Court fines, and has a balance of around $10,000 to pay off his District Court fines. He had a total of 17 Municipal Court violations, and 6 felony charges through District Court. Because of the type of work that is completed through community service, he has learned a skill, mowing, weed eating, and general clean up. He now has full time job working for a landscape company, and is still doing his community service to get the balance paid off through the county. This is a pleasure to be around, has a very positive outlook on life now, and is an asset to our program.