Robots Building Leaders-Hilldale Public School

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Seeing students so excited and interested is such a heartwarming thing. Our students exceeded our expectations in several areas. First, we had no idea how many students would want to be a part of this program. Second, the accomplishment of our school teams in robotics. We had a team make it all the way to world competition. This was such … Read More

CASA for Children, Inc.

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Jackson Cole was only three years old when he was removed from the only home he had ever known. A victim of abuse and neglect due to his parents substance abuse and domestic violence issues, Jackson was placed into foster care and began his two year journey through the child welfare system. Jackson’s journey had many ups and downs. Like … Read More

Trauma Focused Therapy Services

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Integrity Pathway’s trauma team was able to coordinate therapeutic services to an entire familyin which three of the family’s children had experienced and/or perpetrated significant sexual trauma. Although two of the younger children and one of the biological parents had insurance that could be billed for services, the older child and other parent/step parents did not have billable insurance. Various … Read More

Muskogee Reads the Sesquicentennial

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One story from a Hilldale mother relates how her 3rd grade daughter was so excited to learn about Bass Reeves, the legendary lawman who ended his career as a Muskogee Police Department officer. Her teacher read the book to them and then gave each child their book to take home. The child was spending the night with her grandparents that … Read More

Lake Area United Way’s Imagination Library

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A therapist here in Muskogee was working with a single mom to create a night time routine for her child. There were some behavior issues and the counselor was working to help mom establish boundaries and structure in the home. The counselor suggested reading a story after bath time as a transition activity to help the child remain calm for … Read More

Child Abuse Education In Our Schools

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Responding to child abuse and maltreatment is a two-fold responsibility, conducted through prevention and response. One way Kids’ Space, Muskogee County Child Advocacy Center (MCCAC) focuses on prevention is through the Play It Safe program, which is an evidence-based approach in teaching children ways to identify unsafe conditions and how to report if they are in an abusive situation. Our … Read More

Kelly B. Todd Pediatric Therapy Center

Courtney WaggleUncategorized to our YouTube Video above. FAMILY is our most valued service! Regardless of the role, our team focuses on being compassionate, having integrity, being professional, always collaborating, and consistently going above and beyond. If that sounds like an organization you want to support in a donation, please contact us at Kelly B. Todd CP Center is about more … Read More

Volunteers of America

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Josh is 42 years old and challenged by mental illness. He enrolled in the VOAOK Payee Services program in 2015 to assist in managing his disability income. He was helped to move into housing, but an altercation with a neighbor resulted in a two-year prison sentence. Josh was released last March and was homeless for a time before VOAOK Payee … Read More

Muskogee Bridges Out of Poverty

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Nye’Keisha Marshall took the Getting Ahead class in 2016. She has 4 kids and a husband on disability. She was on all social services and working 2 jobs. After taking the Getting Ahead she attending the Staying Ahead classes – Money Matters 101, Boundaries and Parent University. She noticed that when she learns things, her life seemed to get better. … Read More