Lake Area United Way’s Imagination Library

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A therapist here in Muskogee was working with a single mom to create a night time routine for her child. There were some behavior issues and the counselor was working to help mom establish boundaries and structure in the home. The counselor suggested reading a story after bath time as a transition activity to help the child remain calm for bed. The mom said she thought she had a book in the house, but wasn’t certain the child would like the story since there were no pictures. It was a novel. The counselor reached out to our office to ask about the book program she heard about. We sent applications to the office so the clients would be able to enroll children in the program.

Weeks later, after receiving the books, the mom thanked this counselor for helping her enroll in the program. She cried as she told her she had never been able to purchase books for her children. We have been able to connect Imagination Library with Head Start, the Health Department, Kids’ Space, Green Country Behavioral Health System, CASA, and many other agencies that can offer enrollment to their clients.