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Josh is 42 years old and challenged by mental illness. He enrolled in the VOAOK Payee Services program in 2015 to assist in managing his disability income. He was helped to move into housing, but an altercation with a neighbor resulted in a two-year prison sentence. Josh was released last March and was homeless for a time before VOAOK Payee Services helped him to locate no-barrier housing which is difficult for people after incarceration.
Behavioral health treatment provided by our community partners has helped Josh treat his mental illness. Payee Services has seen a marked improvement in Josh’s appearance in the last four months. Discussions about managing his money reflect a man with an intelligent, sound mind who is setting goals for his future. He is spending discretionary income effectively through the use of a debit card. VOAOK Payee Services, thanks to the City of Muskogee Foundation, will continue to help Josh and others with disability income get the resources they need to stay healthy and well.