Muskogee Reads the Sesquicentennial

Courtney WaggleUncategorized

One story from a Hilldale mother relates how her 3rd grade daughter was so excited to learn about Bass Reeves, the legendary lawman who ended his career as a Muskogee Police Department officer. Her teacher read the book to them and then gave each child their book to take home. The child was spending the night with her grandparents that night and wanted to take the book with her to it read to her grandparents! The author of the book has agreed to zoom with the 3rd grade students, which will be very exciting and deepen their connection to the book and the story.
And this was the point of the grant – to make people of all ages excited and proud of the story of Muskogee. The mayor culminated our lecture series at Three Rivers Museum with a talk on the future of Muskogee. 9th grade students at Muskogee High School ended their Oklahoma History studies (mandatory in 9th grade) with their own projects based on Postcards of the Past (see attached). By remembering our past, we create a richer future for tomorrow. We have reached three generations with this project. People, young and old, now have a reference for understanding how far we have come from Muscogee Station and the importance of building on the past to ensure Muskogee’s future.