Trauma Focused Therapy Services

Courtney WaggleUncategorized

Integrity Pathway’s trauma team was able to coordinate therapeutic services to an entire family
in which three of the family’s children had experienced and/or perpetrated significant sexual trauma. Although two of the younger children and one of the biological parents had insurance that could be billed for services, the older child and other parent/step parents did not have billable insurance. Various members of the trauma team were able to work individually with the children who had experienced the trauma as well as the children who had committed the problematic sexualized behaviors. Additionally, members of the team were able to work with a parent also in individual therapy to help gain sobriety and stabilize the family system. Moreover, all of the adults in the family system were seen as a family group in order to establish adaptive boundary and parenting strategies and foster healing in order to further stabilize the entire family unit. Subsequently all of the children were able to be reunited and participate together in family therapy which was imperative in order to restore and heal the fractured family system. The family successfully completed the therapeutic intervention. As per Integrity Pathways’ policy, follow-up calls post therapy completion, revealed that the family system both individually and as a unit continued to thrive.