Community Intervention Center

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P.N. is a 13-year-old Caucasian male that was brought to C.I.C five different times within a month. He was brought in from school a couple of times for disorderly conduct, twice for resisting arrest, and the last time for burglary in the third degree. P.N. was one of those juveniles that would get brought in then immediately start talking about what he did and that he knew better. Each time that he was brought in, he had a plan to do better. P.N. came from a nice home with loving parents, but that just wasn’t good enough. He got in too deep with the wrong people and they had him selling drugs for them and “hitting licks” wherever he was told to.

The last time that he was brought in with the charges of burglary in the third degree, he was ready to surrender. You see, P.N. didn’t really want to break in those cars and steal whatever he could get his hands on, but he had got in debt with a drug dealer and his life was on the line. Yes, he was only 13 years old, but the dealer was a grown man that had gave P.N. a deadline to get his money paid back to him. P.N. smoked marijuana and had smoked more than he sold, therefore he was in debt to the dealer.

P.N. sat in C.I.C that night and cried, trying to figure out what he was going to do to get his debt paid. He even mentioned that his family was in jeopardy because of his selfish actions. P.N. made the comment that the only way he could live and overcome this would be to get locked up and refocus his life. He stated that he had been to a place before that really helped him, but it costs so much out of pocket that he was released early due to financial issues.

When P.N.’s mother came to pick him up that night, he opened up to her and surrendered to the fact that he was ready to do whatever it took to straighten up. He cried in his mom’s arms as tears ran down her face. You could tell that she was tired, but refused to give up on her son. They left C.I.C that night with a plan to meet with OJA the next morning and get P.N. placed in a facility where he could get his life back on track.
It is likely that had P.N.not been picked up that night and brought to C.I.C he could have been killed. P.N. was comfortable enough with the staff to open up to them and admit his fault. He mentioned the several times that he did things he shouldn’t have, but didn’t get caught. He considered himself lucky. This time, he got in too deep, but was ready to turn his life around.

P.N. has been in placement since February of this year and we have been in contact with his parents to check his well-being a couple of time. The last report we received about him was that he is doing very well and that he is even leading bible study in his group. He has made a complete 360, but admits that he is not ready to face the world yet. His mother stated that she is very blessed that her son was picked up and that OJA put him in placement. She also stated that she believes that by the police bringing him to C.I.C, her son has another chance at life, and for that they are grateful.